A new heart for Kastelsgården

The deep green, wooden façade and moss-covered roof, has a cozy atmosphere. The construction gently curves into a c-shape that surrounds the natural center of the playground, where old stately chestnut and oak trees grow. While having a characteristic style, the building still melts easily into the existing urban space with parks, embassies, institutions, and classic buildings, typical for Copenhagen turn of the century architecture. Time and use will roughen the edges of the building and its distinct character will be accentuated.  

Entering the new facilities, you find spacious rooms with a high degree of daylight. Skylights discreetly underlines the sense of the airy facilities, and at the same time, they help the Nordic light filter thought during the day. Throughout the house, daylight plays a key role in the overall organization, and large panoramic windows open up for a view of the surrounding areas’ green trees and plants.

The new extension covers 800 sq.m. with room for four additional nursery and kindergarten groups, a large industrial kitchen catering to all of Kastelsgården, facilities for employees, auxiliary room, technical facilities, and a common room.