The Carpentry Award 2017

The Carpentry Award rewards individuals, companies, organizations or builders who have created or participated in the construction of a building where wooden structures or carpentry play a key role. The Carpentry Award can also reward innovative, bold architecture with wood as the main building component.

In building 202’s warm wooden atrium called the Biosphere, daylight flow from large skylights above oak-clad meeting boxes that almost float in mid-air. The thousands of oak lamellae creates and inner texture, while the meeting boxes divides the large atrium into a wealth of spatialities where the researchers can meet.

According to the Judge’s Committee, the team of architects has created an entirely new spatial universe in an unusually creative way, offering spaces for both professional collaboration and relaxation. The judges emphasize that the use of wood is unconventional and creative with acoustics, design, shades of light and lamellae that merges into an entirely new architectural expression.