Christensen & Co.


Christensen & Co. (CCO) is an award-winning international architectural practice based in Copenhagen, Denmark, started by Michael Christensen in 2006.

A partner group consisting of Creative Director & Founding Partner Michael Christensen, CEO Vibeke L. Lindblad and Thomas Nørgaard, Mikkel H. Sørensen and Michael Larsen runs the office.


We have extensive experience in designing low energy buildings. Already, we design buildings which reduce CO2 emissions. CCO has, since the beginning, consolidated our reputation as an innovative company, with a visionary approach to sustainable architecture by winning a number of high profile projects and prizes.

The architectural dialogue


Our methodology and working culture is determined by a continuous search for new low energy optimizing solutions. When choosing materials and advising a client on interior design, but also when acquiring new interior for the office. We have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience, giving us a unique position when designing sustainable buildings. We have developed a number of sustainable, low-energy projects with very ambitious environmental agendas. In our approach to designing new buildings, the design concept is closely linked with the inclusion of energy optimizing choices, collaborating with experts in the fields of sustainable engineering and energy optimizing.


Good architecture makes a difference architects with intention, empathy and thoroughness makes buildings that actively can change people's lives.



Architecture is one of the fundamental pillars of our society. Worldwide, buildings account for 40% of CO2 emissions, through responsible architecture we can help to provide a higher life quality. We aim to create buildings built from environmentally sound materials, and buildings that contribute to a sustainable and responsible society.


In 2010 Christensen & Co. signed the UN Global Compact's 10 principles, the world's biggest social responsibility initiative. In our annual rapport we describe our work method when approaching new projects. We constantly seek new innovative solutions, through close collaborations and extensive research. Our ambition is to challenge architectural methods and processes because we believe that unique and characteristic solutions occurs when location, function, culture, climate challenges the architectural intention; Sustainability through integrated design.