The Niels Bohr Building includes research and education activities for the Faculty of Science and the Niels Bohr Institute at The University of Copenhagen. It will be located in the University Park, as a part of North Campus, Copenhagen.The bulk of the Faculty of Science will be gathered in the Niels Bohr Building.

The building includes modern study facilities and auditoriums, as well as very specialised laboratories for chemistry, physics and nano technology and contains equipment with extremely high sensitivity to vibrations and magnetism.


The project covers 55.000 m² of sprawling education on Jagtvej, a busy road cutting through the northern part of Copenhagen. The two building volumes are connected via a subway below and linked by a skywalk above.


Title:  Niels Bohr Building - The University of Copenhagen

Client: The Danish University and Property Agency

Size: 55.000 m²

Year: 2010-2019


The project is designed in collaboration with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Rambøll and GHB Landscapearchitects.