The City Hall is located between Lund’s distinguished historical city center and a large new park. The building contains a citizen service center and administration. The sculpted façade shape and varied materials facilitates an appearance of life and vibrancy, internally and externally.


Behind the building’s open and transparent west façade is a full height atrium space that draws in the adjacent park’s lush green atmosphere, and connects all the amenity spaces across the floors.

The ground floor reception creates an open and vibrant area that connects staff and visitors. Moving up the building, it becomes more private, with smaller one-on-one style offices for private and confidential meetings.


The City Hall has a very ambitious green profile, the building will use a fraction of the energy normally consumed by a building of this type. The sustainable profile is created through a holistic design providing a good indoor climate, and an advanced energy strategy based on solar power, earth water-cooling as well as economically sensible solutions and integrated resource management. It is the greenest City Hall in Sweden.

Title: Sustainable City Hall in Lund

Client: Lund Municipality

Size: 13.500 m²

Year: 2010-2014


The City Hall is made in collaboration with Rambøll (SE) og Structor


Nominated for The Kasper Salin Prize 2014