Existing Situation: The existing building is monofunctional and has very little interaction with the surrounding community.

New design: The new multifunctional programmes and the existing building are united under one dramatic roof that opens itself up to the city fabric welcoming the community into the new space.


sports and culture

The existing sportshall in the town of Skævinge is transformed into a multifunctional assembly house that combines sports and leisure. The building will create a new common ground for a broad spectrum of users that consist of local performing artists, a knitting club, youth football teams and fitness enthusiasts. Social interaction between the different users will take place in the common space known as ‘Orangeriet’, which will act as the new urban living room for the whole city. The new multifunctional spaces are placed shoulder to shoulder under an elaborate roof scape, allowing inside and outside to merge together. The design is an architectural interpretation of the existing structures with geometrically shaped gables and roofs. Once the building is completed, the new and old will complement each other. The new SKIF will be a central building in a new masterplan for the existing sports park developed by our collaborators 1:1 landskab.

ClientHillerød municipality
Area4200 m² + exterior masterplan
Collaborators1:1 Landskab, Ramböll
ImagesChristensen & Co
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